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Free Writing and Home Recording Resources
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Here's a list of free or cheap resources for helping you to write and record at home to a great standard with a focus on current world events. I hope it helps you to create something amazing! If it does - please send it over... I'd love to hear it!

- Faz

DAW/Recording Software

  • Reaper [PC/MAC] Long term free period, cheap to own!

Guitar Amp Sims

Drum Samples

Synths/Sample Instruments

iOS - iPhone/iPad

Plugins - Mixing and FX

  • Klanghelm - Few Free Compressors/Distortion Plug In's there... I use MJUC Jr all the time.

Online Calling, Conference, Audio Streaming, Livestreaming

  • Zoom [Free] Video chat, audio streaming, screen sharing, remote control. I run my entire working and creative life through this at the moment!

  • Audiomovers - HQ audio streaming between computers/DAWs [Free week - $10 per month]

  • OBS (Pro Livestream hosting) [Free]

Techie Stuff - Geeks only need apply!

  • Soundflower [MAC] Internal audio routing between apps [Free]

  • Voicemeeter [PC] Internal audio routing between apps [Free]

  • ASIO4ALL [PC] Combine Audio Interfaces and Virtual Soundcards for audio routing [Free]

Enjoy! Make some awesome music and stay safe!

 - Faz

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