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PMC TB2SA mkii + Subwoofer

Yamaha NS-10

Avantone MixCubes

Powerplay 8000 Headphone Amp and Distribution

5 x Beyerdynamic DT770

1 x Beyerdynamic DT100

1 x Audeze LCD-X

Assorted additional Headphones







2 x Heritage Audio ’73 JR (Neve 1073)

1 x Heritage Audio EQ73 (Neve 1073)

1 x Capi VP312 (API 312)

1 x Elysia Xpressor 500 Stereo Compressor

1 x Heritage MCM-8 (10-ch Neve summing mixer and 500-series power supply)

2 x Mindprint DTC Pre/EQ/Comp

2 x TL Audio 5051 Pre/EQ/Comp

2 x DBX 160x Compressor

1 x Universal Audio 1176 LN Compressor

8 x Focusrite Octopre

8 x Audient ASP

Alesis Midiverb III

1 x 16-way MIDI distro

Radial JD7 3-in/7-out Instrument level splitter/Distro, DI and Reamp

Various sound manglers i.e. casettee decks/record players


1 x Shure SM7

5 x Shure SM57

1 x Shure SM58

2 x Shure Beta 58a

1 x Shure SM91

1 x Audix D6

2 x Audix i5

2 x Audix D2

1 x Audix D4

1 x Audix OM7

1 x Audix OM6

2 x Audix c212b

1 x Sennheiser e901

1 x Beyerdynamic D70

1 x Beyerdynamic M201

2 x AKG 414

1 x AKG 212

1 x AKG D112

2 x Sontronics STC-1

2 x Neumann KM184

2 x Cascade Fathead

1 x SE R1

1 x Subkick

1 x BSS AR144

1 x Behringer DI8000 (8-channel DI Rack)

Various DIY inventions for unique and lo-fi sounds


Pearl Custom Masters 24" Kick

Pearl Custom Masters 22" Kick

Pearl Custom Masters 8" Tom

Pearl Custom Masters 10" Tom

Pearl Custom Masters 12" Tom

Pearl Custom Masters 13" Tom

Pearl Custom Masters 14" Tom

Pearl Custom Masters 16" Tom

Pearl Custom Masters 18" Tom

Various Snare Drums

Marshall JCM 900 Amp (Modified)

Marshall JCM 900 Cabinet

Engl Powerball MKII

Engl 4x10 Cabinet

Fender “The Twin’ (Modified)

Mark Bass Club 450

Mesa/Boogie 2 x 15” Bass Cabinet

Ashdown 1 x 15” Bass Cabinet

Fender Strat HSS

Warwick Thumb 5

Warwick Thumb 5 Fretless

Fender Precision (DiMarzio pickups)

Shergold Masquerader

Washburn Acoustic

Roland TD-3 Electronic Drum Kit

Line 6 POD X3

Sansamp RBI Bass Preamp/DI/Distro

MXR Bass+ Preamp/DI/Distro

Orchid Reamp


EHX Big Muff

EHX Metal Muff

Ibanez Tube Screamer

Digitech Whammy

Crybaby Wah

Roland JV1080

Native Instruments Maschine Micro

Korg Microkorg

DSI Mopho

Korg DT1000

Additional assorted pedals, guitars, basses, percussion, wind instruments…

(The above is list of equipment that generally lives at the studio full-time - many pieces may not be listed above and most anything can be hired in with notice. If you need a specific piece for your session then please get in touch)


Avid Pro Tools 10/11/12

Logic Pro 8/9/X

Presonus Studio One 5

Cockos Reaper 6


SynchroArts Revoice

Celemony Melodyne

Slate Digital - Entire Product Line

Steven Slate Drums 5 + Expansions

Soundtoys - Entire Product Line

Waves - 80% of Entire Product Line

Native Instruments Komplete




iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced

iZotope Neutron 2 Advanced

iZotope RX

Kush Audio

(it is close to impossible to list our entire line of software - needless to say we have a vast collection; if you need a specific piece of software for your session then please get in touch)

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