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Of the Highest Standard

Our equipment is some of the finest available in the music recording industry. We’ve built up quite the collection of instruments and music gear for our clients to choose from, so have a look at what’s available and contact one of our experts for advice on what you need to best suit your recording demands.

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Above all; the most important thing in a studio is what you hear. The engineer will need to hear what the music sounds like in absolute detail and how it will translate in the outside world. For the artist; it is imperative not only to experience the same detail and fidelity but also to be able to monitor their performance with confidence. Imagine playing your top-of-the-range USA made Fender Strat and hearing back a sound reminiscent of a low cost Squire or rocking a live take with the band and listening back to a thin unbalanced mess; you'd hardly be on your A-Game. Now imagine throughout the process it feels like a finished record; before the song is even fully formed... Need we say more?

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