Damage Audio is a professional Recording Studio and Music Production facility based in Bedford, UK. We take songs and turn them into records fit for commercial success.

Your music is precious - you've slaved over that verse for weeks, that chorus has been stuck in your head for months. Your music deserves nothing short of greatness; it should turn heads. You didn't put in all that time and effort to settle for a meagre representation. Demo's are a thing of the past - your music needs to sound great right now.

We've been in the game a while; over the years we have accumulated some of the finest recording gear, worked with some of the industries top musicians and had regular airplay on mainstream radio across the world. Get in touch today and join our list of successful international artists.


Create and capture your sounds with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at Damage Audio. We have a wide and varied palette crossing generations of music production. The latest in digital recording and editing combined with the sounds from the golden era of music from 60's and 70's. We strive to create the sound quality you'd expect from much larger (and more costly) facilities; in a studio you can afford.

We are also experienced producers and songwriters who have worked across a plethora of genres. We can help with your arrangements and structures, coach your playing (regardless of your instrument), program electronic instrumentation or call on our network of session players. After all; the song is what matters most.

Get it right the first time - make sure it's in the right hands.



Mixing - it can make or break a record. In today's saturated market; it's more important than ever to stick out from the crowd. Your song should sound like a hit from the first beat to the last.

We have spent years analysing what makes a great mix and what'll make the listener skip. We are constantly listening to the most current releases; checking our work against what's happening now and the hits of yesterday to ensure your work has the right balance of "current" and "class" to survive the test of time without being left for dust.

Wether you recorded your music in a great studio (like ours!) or in your garage - we can help.


The final stage before your music can be unleashed into the world. There's a lot of misinformation regarding mastering - constantly referred to as a 'dark art' or 'magic'. It's not - it's simply a skill based on the correct knowledge and the correct equipment.

It's a confusing time for releasing music. With so many formats available; new loudness standards appearing everyday from Spotify and Youtube, the resurgence of Vinyl, the CD desperately clinging on... it's a minefield. Lucky for you we're at the forefront; right in the thick of it. We can assemble your work for whatever eventuality and even help and advise you through the release process, what you need to do to get your music out there and how to be heard through the noise.



Alternatively you can a book a meet or call about your project here!


Damage Audio is a Recording Studio and Music Production facility owned and operated by Producer, Engineer and MusicianBen 'Faz' Farestvedt. 


The studio is situated in the Market Town of Bedford - being located close to London (20 mins off J13, M1) and with direct links via train to 2 London Airports we are blessed with regular work from those looking to escape the city and also fly-in visits from around the world. Featuring a large spacious recording room, vocal booth, control room, onsite parking, onsite music store, repair shop and the town centre right on the doorstep; anything you could need for your day is only a moment away.

Faz has worked professionally within the industry throughout his entire career. Originally a musician; from classical beginnings as a flautist and pianist before progressing to the contemporary world as a bass player, guitarist and an electronic musician, then later travelling the world as a touring FOH Sound Engineer, Bass Player, Tour Manager and as a Freelance Record Producer and Recording Engineer. He has worked in a vast range of genre's starting out in Rock/Metal before moving into other genres such as EDM, HipHop, Indie, Funk and Pop.